Information for Homeowners

Preservation Dallas can offer information, referrals, and resources for homeowners who were impacted by the hailstorms on June 13, 2012.  Many of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the storms are within City of Dallas Historic Districts or Conservation Districts, and repair of historic homes in those areas will require special consideration. Additional information can be found here:

Use the links below to access lists of referrals for roofers and window repair contractors that specialize in historic buildings, as well as architectural salvage companies.  The lists will be updated with additional contacts as available, so please check back often.

Information for Insurance Adjustors

The homeowner is responsible for making sure they are preserving and repairing historic materials, or replacing them with new materials that match the quality and appearance of the original.  Be aware that historic materials require specialized expertise and are sometimes more costly than contemporary materials. For example, blown (wavy) glass is more costly than today’s float glass. Furthermore, historic materials must be matched per City of Dallas preservation ordinances.  The ordinances are available on the City of Dallas website:

Tax Incentives

Tax incentives may be available for maintenance or repair work performed on properties in historic or conservation districts.  Click the link below to find out more, or visit the City of Dallas Historic Preservation Division online.

For additional information or further questions, contact Preservation Dallas at 214.821.3290 or the City of Dallas  Sustainable Development and Construction Department.