Summer Sizzlers

We are pleased to present the 2016 Summer Sizzlers – our popular series of educational lectures and workshops, offering insights into preservation  topics, architecture, and history!

Admission is now half price!

The rest of the series is $50 $25/members and $90 $45/general public.  

Individual sessions are still $10/members and $20/general public.

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Big Spring – The First of its Kind

Tuesday, June 21, 6pm, Wilson Carriage House, 2924 Swiss Avenue

Most of the preservation efforts in Dallas and Dallas County extend back to the 1800s to built structures. But recently, the Big Spring site has sought historic preservation status, a first in the city for environmental features. Prehistorically, the site provides information on early human activity in north central Texas. From a historical perspective, the site is associated with the early Dallas names such as Beeman, John N. Bryan, Pemberton, and perhaps, Sam Houston. It demonstrates the wide range of economic activities as well as settlement patterns, recent historical events, and environmental stewardship. Ultimately, through this long history of natural and social development, the Big Spring Site promotes an appreciation for those before us and for the environment that sustained them. Join us as we listen to Marsha Prior, Historic Preservation Planner with the city of Dallas, as she discusses this first of its kind preservation effort in our city.


Historic Truss Bridges of Texas

Tuesday, June 28, 6pm, Wilson Carriage House, 2924 Swiss Avenue

Over the past 30 years, Texas has lost approximately 90% of its metal truss bridges due to deterioration, increased traffic needs and lack of continued maintenance. Only 140 truss bridges remain in vehicular service. TxDoT has partnered with the Texas Historical Commission and the Historic Bridge Foundation to ensure these bridges remain in viable use. Rebekah Dobrasko, a Historic Preservation Specialist at TxDOT, will explain the history of these bridges, the adoption of a management plan, what we can do to help, and a look at some of the rare and interesting bridges still left in our state.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Planning in Dallas

Tuesday, July 12, 6pm, Wilson Carriage House, 2924 Swiss Avenue

Have you ever wondered why the streets in downtown run at odd angles? Or why that street you live on suddenly broadens and shifts over on the next block? What happened to that city plan that everyone was talking about 30, 50 or 70 years ago? Evelyn Montgomery, Director of Collections, Exhibits, and Preservation at Dallas Heritage Village, has some of the answers in this humorous back story to the master planning ideas, successes, and failures in the city of Dallas.


Dancing Across Texas

Tuesday, Aug 2, 6pm, Wilson Carriage House, 2924 Swiss Avenue

Built mostly by central European immigrants during the development of the southwestern frontier, the dance halls of Texas represent a unique lens through which to study Texas history and culture. Most halls are rural wood framed buildings, without interior decoration; yet each possesses a simple unique elegance. At one time there may have been as many as one thousand. Today we know of over five hundred halls (extant and lost). They can be seen too, as part of a broader pattern of traditional music and dancing that, perhaps due to isolation, has persisted along the Gulf Coast for over 150 years. The cultural contribution of the halls to the heritage of the Lone Star State is undeniable and continues to be a viable element in Texas communities. Deb Fleming, President of Texas Dance Hall Preservation, will provide us a brief history of the Texas dance hall and what efforts are being made to protect the ones still standing.


Flashback Dallas

Tuesday, Aug 9, 6pm, Wilson Carriage House, 2924 Swiss Avenue

Are you fascinated by old weathered black and white photos? Do you try to envision what life must have been like for the people living and working a century ago? Join us as Paula Bosse, the blogger behind Flashback Dallas, shows us the tools she uses to find and research such wonderful old prints. Learn how she decides what to research and where she goes to find the photos and what photos have been her favorite to discover.

The Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Museum

Tuesday, Aug 16, 6pm, Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Museum, 3817 Wendelkin Street


Recently designated a City of Dallas historic landmark, the Gilliam House served as the epicenter of Kathlyn Joy Gilliam’s historical community activist work. The house, now a museum honors the legacy of Mrs. Gilliam, a DISD Trustee for 23 years, including a term as the first and only African-American female President of the DISD School Board. She fought and won many battles that literally changed not only Dallas, but the entire nation in the areas of education, justice and political empowerment for African-Americans. We will join Connie Harris, Gilliam’s daughter on a tour of the property with a brief history of her mother’s work and the interesting preservation efforts the Museum has made to the property.



The full series of six sessions is now $50 $25 for members, $90 $45 for the general public.  Purchase of individual sessions is still $10 for members, $20 for the general public.

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Historic House Specialist (HHS) Seminar

Realtors may be certified as Historic House Specialists through an intensive two-day training course provided in partnership with the Metrotex Association of Realtors. This seminar is also open to owners or prospective owners of historic homes or anyone interested in learning about Dallas architects and developers, architectural styles, historic building research, making historic homes “green” or historic designations.

HHS Seminars normally are offered in the spring and fall and meet at Preservation Dallas’ headquarters, the Wilson House.

HHS Fall 2016:  September 15-16, 2016

HHS Spring 2017:  Date TBD

For more information and to register online, click here.

Advanced Historic House Specialist (AHHS) Seminar

Graduates of the HHS Seminar may register for this unique opportunity to further develop the vocabulary, knowledge and research tools necessary to successfully market houses in Dallas’ older and historic neighborhoods.

AHHS Seminars normally are offered in the spring and fall and meet in the Wilson House and the Central Dallas Public Library.

AHHS Spring 2016: April 21, 2016

AHHS Fall 2016: October 20, 2016

For more information and to register online, click here.